Bathroom Remodeling

Refresh Your Soul with a Rejuvenating Bathroom Renovation


Make your bathroom a soothing sanctuary with remarkable new updates. From floor to ceiling, we can transform your outdated bathroom into a haven that you will look forward to relaxing in. If you need more storage, lighting solutions or energy efficiency, Kitchen Fancy does more than just kitchens, with complete bathroom redesign and remodeling.

Did you know that updating your bathroom can also save you thousands of dollars in energy efficiency upgrades? Or that having the perfect, decorative new cabinets and handles can give your bath a little extra sparkle? Lighting sets the mood, and easy-to-clean countertops make your life more efficient.

Our flooring solutions also beautify your bathroom, while keeping it cleaner and more sanitary. Your whole family will enjoy a new bathroom, or if you are constructing a home for the first time, you can count on Kitchen Fancy to have the most modern bath improvement solutions on the East Coast.

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